Your Public Library May Be a Resource

Your local public library very likely offers valuable investment data.  The idea of using a library might seem out of date.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Until recently I had not visited a library in years.  Things like cost basis research used to warrant a trip from time to time.  But the arrival of web sites such as Yahoo Finance meant that was no longer necessary.  There was a time when it seemed libraries might be killed off entirely by the Internet.  Instead they have embraced this new technology and use it to deliver services at a higher level than ever before.

In some cases you may be able to access library information from your own home. Boston, Chicago and New York City all now permit you to view Morningstar subscriber materials remotely. In each case all you have to do is get a library card.  Anyone who has used the free Morningstar site knows that this proposition has value.  The subscriber site offers more in depth features not available to free users.  To get this access yourself currently costs $23.95 per month, or $199 per year.

In some cases you may have to go to a branch.  Los Angeles offers Morningstar as well, but not from your home.  Chicago offers Standard & Poors NetAdvantage access.  But it can only be accessed from a library location.

If you have not visited for a long time it is worth your time to see what is available.  Your tax dollars pay for it.  So it makes sense to get the most.

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